What should you know about the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier?

The skin’s hydrolipid barrier, as the name suggests, is made of water and a mixture of lipids. As time goes on, the barriers change their proportions as well as the appearance of people as they age. The protective layer includes elements such as structural proteins, i.e. collagen, elastin, fibronectin and filaggrin. We can also see fatty acids, squalene, natural moisturizing factors, endo- and exogenous epidermal lipids materials present.

What is the purpose of the skin’s hydrolipid layer?

The main purpose of the hydrolipid layer is to protect the epidermis against harmful external factors. It has the perfect amount of hydration and nutrients needed and therefore functions perfectly as a protective barrier. It also has other tasks, such as maintaining flexibility and moisture. A well-groomed hydrolipid layer results in healthy, fresh, radiant and young skin.

Why is gentle cleansing of the skin important in caring for the hydrolipid layer?

Gentle cleansing does not damage the skin’s hydro-lipid layer and allows it to calmly carry out important tasks. Therefore, in everyday care, look for cosmetics based on natural ingredients, i.e. plant complexes and extracts, acids, as well as enzymes supporting the dissolution and not abrasion of the epidermis. Products should have short and clean compositions and contain ingredients to support cleansing. Our gentle cleanser accomplishes exactly that. It is a mild creamy emulsion that washes and removes all impurities and light makeup. As a result, it does not impact the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. It contains argan oil, aloe vera and avocado oil, among others. You will also find rosehip extract, which brightens, tones and improves the skin tone with vitamin C. Using our gentle cleaner will make your skin clean, smooth, moisturized, refreshed and simply beautiful!

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