silk pillows – the next step in face and hair care

A bedroom is a place where, statistically, we spend most of our time. We sleep and rest here after a long day of intensive work. As it turns out, the bed linen and pillow we sleep on has a huge impact not only on the comfort of our mind but also on our face and hair. How is this possible? Simply try out a silk pillow to notice its first positive effects.

Silk pillow – What is it, exactly?

Let us start with stating that silk is one hundred per cent a natural fibre, collected from the cocoons of rare silkworm larvae during transformation. The strength of these fibres, often used to sew pillows and such, lies in their resilience and the bearing they have on the comfort of the body, including improving the condition of skin and hair.

Effect on the face

A silk pillow is an accessory that should be in every bedroom. It is amazing in maintaining thermoregulation, so when you lie your head down, you feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer (silk draws out excess heat). For this reason, silk can be used by people with oily skin. Likewise, as a natural fibre, silk contains amino acids that have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, allowing tired skin to rest and making it look healthy, fresh, and radiant in the morning. Furthermore, silk pillows deliver proteins to the skin, which effectively improves its condition and inhibits all ageing processes.

Effect on the hair

The content of protein and amino acids in silk fibres has a beneficial effect not only on the face but also for the hair. By sleeping on a silk-encased pillow, you can be sure that, in the morning, your hair will look just as good as it did immediately after drying, smooth and nice to the touch. No tangles or frizzes, and no hair static. It is no surprise silk pillows are considered the next step in face and hair care. We recommend you try them out yourself.

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