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We present you a fully natural Christmas set – SLAVIC BEAUTY, which we created with careful care. It is a perfect gift for others or yourself! The set includes our absolute bestsellers, i.e. multifunctional skin stick, light cream, gentle cleanser and gentle scrub. These products will take care of the skin of those you love – holistically and naturally. To make your gift even more special, choose a personalized Christmas card (just enter a note when ordering). Merry Christmas!

gentle cleanser (100ml) – This creamy emulsion gently and effectively removes all impurities and light makeup without disturbing the lipid (protective) barrier of the skin. Thanks to beneficial active ingredients such as argan oil, aloe vera and avocado oil, the product leaves the skin clean, smooth and moisturized. Thanks to its delicate fragrance and formula, the emulsion is designed for all skin types, including prone to irritation and sensitive skin.

gentle scrub (50ml) -This gentle, fine-grained face peeling is a combination of malic acid and particles of apricot pips. It combines the benefits of a scrub and a moisturizing mask as it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, stimulates and accelerates skin renewal, as well as moisturizes and adds radiance to the skin. It is designed and recommended for all skin types – especially for problematic skin, tired complexion and hyperpigmentation.

light cream (50ml) – Here is a light cream that moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes the skin. It gets absorbed quickly, leaves no greasy film and does not clog pores. It is perfect for men and as a make-up foundation for women. Its light texture and formula make the cream suitable for all skin types.

skin stick (20g) -A multifunctional stick for face and body which deeply moisturizes and soothes dry and irritated skin. Thanks to its content of botanical oils and natural waxes, it nourishes and visibly regenerates dry skin, e.g. on the hands or lips. Due to the sticks unique essential oils, such as fragrant vetiver, patchouli and geraniums, it has a naturally beautiful aromatherapeutic scent and relaxing effect.

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