natural multipurpose skincare products

A positive trend related to taking actions friendly to our planet is more and more noticeable. This makes us very happy, because at ala cosmetics we focus on multi–functional products while using the power of nature while respecting our planet. Our core design is meant to be simple and suit both women and men. We want to show you how to use our products in a way that suits you best in several different ways.

Firstly, our multipurpose skin stick can easily be used as an eye cream, highlighter, lip balm, hand lotion and wherever your skin needs extra love. Thanks to its contents of botanical oils and natural waxes, it nourishes and visibly regenerates the skin. Due to the stick’s unique essential oils, such as fragrant vetiver, ylang ylang oil and geraniums, it has a naturally beautiful aromatherapeutic scent and relaxing effect. Plus, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Secondly, our organic rose water spray with damascus rose is refreshing during summer and moisturizing during the winter. You can use it as a face toner or makeup fixer. It helps combat free radicals and regenerate the skin while preserving its youthful glow. In addition, its gentle smell of roses offers a nice stress relief. You can also use it as a base of homemade masks, or on your hair.

Following our rose water spray we want to introduce you to our brilliant gentle scrub which is another product you can use in many facets.
This gentle, fine-grained face peeling is a combination of malic acid and particles of apricot pips. It combines the benefits of a scrub and a moisturizing mask as it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, stimulates and accelerates skin renewal, as well as moisturizes and adds radiance to the skin.

Next we have our light cream which can be used for both, day and night. It gets absorbed quickly, leaves no greasy film and does not clog pores. It is perfect for men and as a make-up foundation for women. Its light texture and formula make the cream suitable for all skin types.

At night you can easily enrich the cream by adding a few drops of your favorite oil.

Lastly, our modest and unassuming jojoba oil is a tried and tested for many skin problems and issues. Thanks to its structure, which is similar to human sebum, it is perfectly absorbed by the skin. It successfully acts as a night cream, hair conditioner or body lotion. We love recommending using this product for a face massage before going to bed. A simple trick but effective to relax, get ready for a good night sleep and wake up with glowing skin. Bottom of form. We believe in multifunctional products, and in small steps to achieve less waste.

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