face cream or serum?

Personal self-care is important if you want flawless, perfect skin and a youthful appearance. Caring for your face is the basis and should be done as a daily routine in the morning and evening. The starting point is to get rid of impurities and toxins and follow that with cream and serum. Although we often pick up these two products in the store, we rarely wonder what is the difference between them. How do they work? Is it better to use them together, or separately?

Face Cream – The Daily Essential

Face cream takes precedence in every makeup bag because it delivers your daily dose of hydration and guarantees protection against outside influences. The perfect one should consider many factors like skin type, season or age. There are anti-ageing creams, skin tightening creams, matte moisturizers, and more – each with its own unique set of properties. By applying it, you can prolong your skin’s youthful appearance, providing it with essential nutrients and supporting its natural regeneration processes. That is why face cream should be used daily, for day and night.

Serum – Stronger and Active

Compared to face cream, a face serum provides a high concentration of active ingredients. Thanks to its liquid form, it penetrates further, effectively delivering beneficial nutrients and hydration into the deepest layers of the skin where moisturizers won’t reach. Using a serum produces stronger, faster, and more noticeable results.

Team Up

The conclusions are obvious: one product complements the other, so, for better results, they are best used together. A face serum nourishes deep parts of the skin, and a face cream holds moisture and valuable nutrients while shielding us from external factors. How to use them together? The serum always goes before the cream. Apply a small amount to a cleansed face, so the active ingredients can easily penetrate the epidermis.

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